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Hey there! I'm Michael Kruzel, psychologist, web designer, hobby photographer.
I've always been interested in photography. Since I got my SLR I'm pursuing this hobby intensively and using every chance to get a good shot.
On this photoblog I'm publishing the - in my eyes - best pictures I made. You can find some more, likewise good photographs in my flickr-gallery.
If you wanna know more about me, check out my weblog.


I started this blog some years ago, shortly after I got my first semi-professional camera. Back then I was just messing around with the device, shooting in automatic modes without any knowledge about photography.
These days I'm still far from being a really good photographer, however I think I can say that my skills have improved. Now I'm paying much more attention to every picture I publish here, which I believe you can see if you compare my current shots to my old ones.

Almost every image on this blog has been shot with a Canon EOS 400D, however, recently I'm also using an iPhone 6s as my "to go cam". You can find more specific details about every shot in the box Informations beneath the photograph.
Before publishing, most of the images are over-worked. Taking pictures and post-processing them are both tasks that I really enjoy and that in my eyes belong together in digital photography. Also, in most cases the raw camera output doesn't show the mood I wanna create with the respective image.

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All rights reserved. If you like one of my images so much that you want to frame it and hang it over your bed, put it on a postcard, a brochure, or your new product's package, feel free to contact me. Explain to me what you would like to use my picture for and I'm sure we'll figure something out. If you, however, use one of my images without my permission, my lawyer will sue the shit out of you.

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